Winter like in a fairy tale
In the middle of winter we are finally stuck in a fairy tale. It smell, sounds and feels like real winter. Cold air burns a little as you
breath and snow giltters in the air. The slopes are not to crowded but will fill up in the next weeks.
Book your private ski lesson or snowboard lesson now, best instructions guaranteed. More than 20 years of experience helps us to
taylor the lessons always to your needs and wishes. Feel safe and respected as you go. let someone else be number 7 racing behind
a red instructor jacket for a week.
Kind regards from
Kasi Fellmann and Georg Saxer
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Book your snowboard course now
Are you planing your ski- and snowboard holidays in Flims Laax? So do many others! Don't forget to book your ski- or snowboard instructor now. The Ski- and Snowbaordschools in Flims Laax Falera are often booked out over christmas and new year. Drop us a line, we have still few spaces.
Prices for lessons

Skiing and Snowboarding in Flims - Laax
Ready for the Winter? Few days seperate us from white slopes and snowcovered mountains.
Book now your lessons an profit from the best and cheapest lessons you will find in Flims Laax.
Notice that we are fully licensed Swiss Ski and Snowboard instructors with a small office....
Looking forward to you.

Snowboard Privat Lessons in Flims Laax
Book now your individual and progressiv Snowboard lessons in the region Flims Laax Falera. As a liciensed Snowboard instruktor with more than 10 years of expierience in teaching and further eduction in the Feldenkrais Method you will learn easy and with more fun then with others. Call me today and book you lessons now

+41 79 281 81 83

Kasi Fellmann
Feldenkrais method

Learn to snowboard in Laax
Winter has kicked off here in Laax long ago. Ride save and sucsessful with us on the mountain. We are self employed instructors with diploma and we have the best prices in town too.
Private lesson means that you are alone or with your group, you profit from a fixed rate and individual service. Lern your first turns or spray some powder on your freeride tour, fun guaranteed.
If you'd rather be on a guided tour instead of snowboard lessons, we know where to go and where to stop.
We look forward to seeing your happy faces in the bar afterwards...

Keep it simple

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Ski School with a special touch
Skiing in Flims Laax is excellent. Slopes, food, accomodation everything is just the best. Don't choose anything less when it comes to the skischool to lern with. Learn fast and have fun is about the same. I'm a professional ski instructor with more than 20 winters of experience snd still love every minute of it. I like the the personal touch with old and new guests. Kids, adults or whole families profit from my skills in teaching and you will soon have a reason more to come back to Flims Laax.
Hope to meet you soon

yours George Saxer

mobile: 079 683 56 42
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Snowboard School with a special touch
Snowboarding in Flims Laax is excellent. Slopes, food, accomodation everything is just the best. Don't choose anything less when it comes to the snowboard school to lern boarding with. Learn fast and have fun is about the same. I'm a professional sports teacher in summer and winter. People learn with me on a easy and fast track to snowboard, to ski and in summer to paddle kajaks and rafts.
Your profit is my knowledge: more than 10 years of expierinence, a instructors diploma in snowboard since 2001, further education in the Feldenkrais method.
If you just start out on the board or want to lern more about freerinding, consider me as your teacher. Or at least ask the other school for a qualified instructor with a diploma. There are not to many around;-)

Looking forward to meet you and hope to talk to you soon.


Kasi Fellmann

Mobile +41 79 281 8283
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Private ski or snowboard lessons

Euroski offers you the best ski or snowboard lessons in Flims Laax Falera ski resort. Georg and Kasi is Swiss certified ski and snowboard instructors and both teach for more than 10 years with a lot of patience, care and wisdom. We teach you personally addressed, on your own, as a small group or even the whole family. You will profit from a fixed rate, we charge 380.- Sfr. per day, not more and not less. And if you check others you will see that we have also the best price in town. So call Kasi on for further details and arrange your holydays on the slopes right now.

Mobile: +41 79 281 81 83
Prices and arrangements

Lern to ski in Flims Laax
It freshly snowed in the Swiss alpes and (school) vacation soon end and its a little bit less crowded on the slopes. The conditions now are prefect to the ski. You should grant yourself a day ski instruction per year, even if you are already good skier. You improve your technique, learn new moves and avoid pains and injuries. So who could give you better advice than Georg, he is already teaching for 20 years the guests in Flims Laax to ski and leads them through the most beautiful tracks.
Let us inspire you and experience yourself how easy and simple skiing can become. Youll ski down steeper slopes with less power and more security. Georg goes around with much tact in the instruction. Also anxious persons learn to ski with Georgs aid and they look forward to the next day on the skis. Feel free to contact Georg today and reserve yourself an exclusive day with him.

Best prices guarantee for groups up to 6 people.
Ski lessons with Georg

Freeriding in Switzerland / Flims / Laax /


Snowboarding lessons in Laax
The snowfall of the last week has improved the conditions to ski and snowboard in the Swiss mountains a lot. Temperatures around 10 o 15 degrees let the people in the cities think it is spring already. Don't be fooled about this, it is still winter in the alpes, especially above 1500m. Use a few free day for a short visit to Flims Laax in Graubunden and come ski or snowboard with us.
Lessons for snowboard or ski are still available and you can book us daily. We are fully certified ski and snowboard instructors and you will benefit from years of expierience of teaching different people and groups. With us you won't ski with a student or semi-educated instructors. Do you wish something special or would youlike to learn with the feldenkrais method then you should ask me urgently. I would be thrilled to boost you imagination....
Kasi Felmann
The Feldenkrais method

Freeride in Flims Laax
With the rising temperatures the avalanche situation settles a little bit. Although there lies little snow in the alps, the wind has blown loads of snow across. This again makes it very difficult to judge where it's save to run, almost like runnig through a mine field. You will need firsthand information and expierience to make a good judgement to go freeriding with the board or the skis.

If you are not shure, let us do the difficult decision where to go and how to run. We will guide you wise and save. Also you can hire beeper, shovel, poles and backpacks from us.
Give us a call or drop us an email.

Kasi +41 79 281 81 83
Georg +41 79 683 56 42

We looking forward to your inquiry.
Avalanche forecast SLF

Finally it is winter
Snowfall sets in just right for the holydays. It looks like winter, it feels like winter and even beside the slopes lies a little snow. Of course we have had some better winters, but complaining doesn't help much.

Our agendas start to fill up and we look forward to your inquiry for snowboard- and skilessons in Flims Laax.

With private lessons or in small groups you'll learn fast. We show you where and how you can improove and after some hours you'll be cruising lightly and save down the slopes.
And remember: holydays are here to relax and enjoy and you may treat yourself a little.
Liva cams in Laax



Snowboardlessons Laax
We offer yo:
Grouplessons in Laax
Privatelessons in Laax
Snowboardlessons in Laax
Snowboardlessons for kids in Laax
Snowboardlessons for adults in Laax

Ski lessons n Laax
We offer you:
Grouplessons in Laax
Privatelessons in Laax
Ski lessons in Laax
Ski lessons for kids in Laax
Ski lessons for adults in Laax

Ski lessons in Flims Laax Falera
Finally snow is falling in Flims Laax Falera. The slopes are in excelent conditions and a touch of winter lies on the whole landscape. The next day will be cold and the slopes are getting prepared for the christmas holydays.

Let's get in touch with us for arrangements for ski lessons across christmas and new year. We are specialised in private and group lessons in skiing.

We will guide and help you to make perfect holyday. We believe that a good relationship helps to improove your skiing to a new milestone. Get to know us and we will make you ski slopes you just dream of.

Live shots from the cams in the resort from Laax are seen in the link below.

Live Cam in Laax

Snowboard lessons in Flims Laax Falera
Finally snow is falling in Flims Laax Falera. The slopes are in excelent conditions and a touch of winter lies on the whole landscape. The next day will be cold and the slopes are getting prepared for the christmas holydays.

Let's get in touch with us for arrangements for snowboard lessons across christmas and new year. We are specialised in private and group lessons in snowboarding.

We will guide and help you to make perfect holyday. We believe that a good relationship helps to improove your snowboarding to a new milestone. Get to know us and we will make you snowboard lines you just dream of.

Live shots from the cams in the resort from Laax are seen in the link below.

Live Cam in Laax



Waiting for snow
Until today hardly any snow has fallen in the Surselva. In the skiing
area of Flims Laax lays very little snow.
Nevertheless we are confident that in the next weeks the first
snow will fall and we will be blessed with white christmas.
At least in the mountains this is up to now still happend. Don't hesitate to plan and book your hotel, ski- and snowboardinstructor.
Because if it has snow then, of course every one else want to come....
The current pictures are to be seen in the link below.
We look forward to your inquiry for ski and snowboard lessons. At this moment we still have open days across christmas and new year.

We look forward to see you again in Flims Laax for skiing anf snowbaording.

Georg and Kasi
Webcam Laax

alpenarena is now
The Website stepped into the retirement and makes space for It already appeared since longer, that the change comes to the new domain. The trademark was introduced 3 years ago and pushed on every event and opportunity.
The three communities Flims/Laax/Falera are accommodated in these new website, also many different like hotel reservation etc.
Sad only, that many who wanted to use the portal to promote their services been closed out! It is unfortunately like that we have no more possibility, to promote our services as private ski and snowbaord instructor on I think some other made the same experience.
And so the customer who comes to Flims, Laax or Falera, has only a limited, one of the white arena met selection to choose from. The guest must do some additional work and find out with alternative and perhaps more attractive offers.
Don't be fooled by Euroski and Euroboard is there still and we offer further best ski and snowboarding adventures at favourable prices.
Learn with fully certified ski and snowboard instructors to ski and board. Explore and enjoy with more safety the slopes of Flims Laax Falera.
We are pleased, to welcome you also this year again as our guests and guarantee you a unique stay.

Kasi Fellmann, Euroboard
Georg Saxer, Euroski
Ski und snowboard lessons in Flims, Laax, Falera

Snow has fallen finally. The last 4 weeks with blue sky and white summits were fantastically nice. Just right to the sport vacation loads of white snow cover the landscape. The skis and snowboards grow silent again and all that remains are deep traces in the landscape. We are pleased to show you our skiing area. With our instruction you glide more easily and more surely on and beside the slopes.

white christmas
Finally it was snowing, the white arena can hold it's promis. Snow lays all the way down to the village and it's an incredible sight. Come to Flims and enjoy unforgettable days in the snow.

Would you like to learn to ski or snowboard. With us you will learn in a unique setting!
Georgs large experience combined with mental training makes his teaching very successfull. Or you learn with Kasi to ski or snowboard with the feldenkrais method.
And all this in the great ski resort of Flims Laax.

C U on the mountain.

Spring-skiing over easter
Mild temperatures melt the snow now pretty fast. But don't worry, skiing and snowboarding over easter is still nice. Go early in the morning and go all the way up to Vorab glacier. Enjoy then the sun in the afternoon or do some wellness for yourself.
We offer ski and SB lessons until after easter.

Freeride days
Perfect snow conditions until now inviting you, to leave your trails in the powder. I'll invite you to participate on the freeride days from the 19th to the 20th of march 05. We will cover the important facts to stay save in the backcountry, avalanches and of course get in touch with the powder snow.
An easy tour in the backcountry will open up a new horizon and unforgettable memories.
Price: 300 Fr. or 200


TOP Snowconditions, DANGER for avalanches
In the last 5 days we have had the heavy snowfall in the Alpenarena everyone was waiting for. 50-100cm fresh snow has fallen upon an old and thin cover of hardpacked snow. For the slopes in skiresort this is superb and the conditions for any kind of wintersport is better than ever.

Can you afford to take a day of work? Then this is the week to come to Flims and Laax. Very little people and a winterwonderland awaits you in the midst of the Swiss mountains. Wed love to take you out on the slpoes on skis or on the board and make it an unvorgetable day.

Dont leave the marked slopes, danger of avalanches are high at these days. Watch the bulletin of SLF. See link below.

If you were thinking about starting to ski or snowboard, this is the best time to do it. Soft and nice slopes are two extra things that make up for a good start. The rest you can leave up to us.
Call us we still have a few day in January available

Georg: +41 79 683 56 42 for Ski lessons
Kasi: +41 79 281 81 83 for Snowboard lessons
Bulletin of the Swiss Avalanche Research Instititute in Davos

50 cm of fresh snow , slopes fine
The last weekend has brought about 50 cm of fresh snow. Finally it is white in the mountains and the slopes are in fine condition. Flims-Laax ashines for christmas in proud white and we are happy to welcome you. Take your chance and learn safer skiing or snowboarding with us. We show you in little time how easy and fast you can learn.;


Winterwonder Land
This weekend will be best conditions for a day out on the slopes in the white arena. The slopes are as good as it get's and the sun will be shining above a sea of fog. So bring your sunnies and don't forget the warm gloves. See you in Flims Laax. We wish you a beautyful weekend.

Happy New Year
This year slowly comes to an end and we can look back to the hotest summer ever. But also the winter draws it's face and covers the mountains with snow. With many of you we had beautyful hours on the slopes of Flims and Laax. Thank you very much for your turst in us. We enjoy that.
We wish you all the best for 2004 and that your dreams may come true.
We look forward to see you again here in Flims Laax...

Georg and Kasi;


White Christmas
Just on time, we got enough snow to open the hole Skiarea!
So white Christmas and good snow contions are guerantet!
We are ready for our first guests.

Pre season skiing and boarding has startet

Season Kick off
A week earlier as planed, the Skiresort of Flims Laax has opened it's glacier lift on the Vorab. The conditions must be very good.
Now we wait for more snow to cover the lower areas too.


Kasi start's the Feldenkrais training
Kasi starts in October 2003 the Feldenkrais training in Holland. After many years of teaching snowboarding and kayaking with the Linx method, he wants to know it better.
"To advance in teaching and also personally I need a deeper background and therefore I enrolled at the Mia Segal Academy." says the 37 year old father of two kids. "I'm certain that quality in my teaching will rise and my students will learn with more ease."
Learn to snowboard with the Linx method this winter, you can find the dates for the courses at the Snowboard page.
Die Feldenkrais Methode

Helmet - News
Helmets by sweet are really sweet, we just tested them in the powder and on the water.
Sweet Helmets

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