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I am Georg Saxer, and ski teacher is not only my profession, but my call! I started my training in 1979 and worked my way, being a ski teacher in N.Z., became instructor for ski teachers, and op to vice manager of the ski school in Flims.
In 1995 I went into self- employment, and now work as a private ski teacher in Flims: I know the fears and difficulties of people who want to learn to ski on all levels, and op to today, I always found a way around these obstacles for my customers and could help them to find pleasure from this exciting sport!

My name is Kasi Fellmann, and in summer you may find me on the river in a kayak or on a raft (see my company kanuschule.ch), in winter with a snowboard or skis on my feet on the slopes! There, beginners and cracks alike benefit from my years of experience as a certified snowboard instructor. People say, I have and show unlimited patience in my teaching. In the Feldenkrais training I experience again and again, how easy and
simple movements become, if from the idea to the movement everything is exactly organized. Easily and elegantly you can learn to sweep down the slopes, if this is your goal. With the Feldenkrais Methode® everything that leads to learnig is to us at disposal, and it is fun too. I am pleased to discover with you a new world of fluid snowboarding.

What can we do for you?
We both know every nook and cranny and the best slopes for all levels in the resorts of flims, laax, and surroundings, and are pleased to show them to you. Thanks to our experience, we both know our customers' smaller and bigger problems with the snow all too well. From that knowledge, we have developed our teaching, so you can learn fast and easy, without fear. We work with elements of the feldenkrais method, ideokinese and classic ski- und snowboard teaching. With this refreshing mix , you will learn to sense your body movements, to organize and coordinate them, to adapt them... And you will discover, how easy and comfortable skiing and boarding is, if we move "right"! The fact that we also work with a mental trainer, just goes to show how important it is to us that you find even more joi in snow sports!

Did we make you curious? Then call or mail us, and we will make you even more curious about our very special teaching program.
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